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Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

1. Applicability

A. These terms and conditions apply to all offers, agreements and all related commitments of or with Kortpack B.V.

B. These conditions may only be waived if authorized for this purpose, to which only the board of directors of Kortpack B.V. is authorized.

C. The term "buyer" refers to Kortpack B.V.'s other party to offers, agreements and the related commitments.

D. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all offers of Kortpack B.V. and the commitments between Kortpack B.V. and the customer shall be subject to the following conditions only.

E. The applicability of the terms and conditions used by the customer is expressly rejected.

F. Kortpack B.V. reserves the right to change its terms and conditions without prejudice to any changes resulting from agreements already entered into, as well as any agreements resulting therefrom.

G. Any negligence, partial nullity, or invalidity of one or more provisions of this agreement shall not affect the validity and applicability of the other.

2. Offers and assignments

A. All offers of Kortpack B.V. with the prices mentioned therein are valid for 30 days or so much longer or shorter as indicated in the offer and are always made free of charge. They may be revoked by Kortpack B.V. within three working days of receipt of acceptance.

B. Kortpack B.V. is - even when she has made an offer- first bound when it has accepted a contract by email, fax or other similar communications, or until it has actually been completed.

3. Prices

A. Our prices include packaging costs and excl. VAT. 

B. Prices are based on the factors involved at the time of the issue or the conclusion of the agreement, including wages, social and fiscal charges, taxes, insurance premiums, commodity and material prices, import duties and freight charges and exchange rates against the Euro. If, after the conclusion or conclusion of the agreement and for delivery, changes were made to these pricing factors in such a way as to increase Kortpack's cost price, Kortpack B.V. has the right to increase the agreed price accordingly and to charge that price increase to the customer even when the cost increase was already foreseeable when entering into the agreement.

4. Delivery and risks

A. Unless expressly agreed otherwise, Kortpack B.V.'s specified delivery times will never be regarded as fatal terms. In case of exceeding the specified delivery terms, Kortpack B.V. will first be in default by registered mail. If Kortpack B.V. is required to provide data or tools for the performance of the agreement, which must be provided by or due to the customer, the delivery dates will be on the day that all necessary data or tools are in possession of Kortpack B.V.

B. From the moment of delivery, the goods are at the risk of the buyer and will incur all direct and indirect damage which may occur on and / or by the goods for him and / or third parties. At the time of delivery, within the meaning of this provision, the term of delivery in Art. 5 sub b.

5. Obligation to accept the goods

A. The buyer is obliged to provide the cooperation necessary for the performance of Kortpack B.V., including expressly the obligation to accept purchased goods.

B. Decline is deemed to be refused if ordered goods are offered to a customer for delivery, but delivery was not possible. The date on which acceptance is refused is considered to be the date of delivery.

C. In the event of a decline, the purchaser of Kortpack B.V. is liable for damages equal to the purchase price of the goods whose delivery was refused to increase with the legal interest on that amount from the date of delivery and the costs resulting from the decline of Kortpack B.V. Under these costs is expressly understood a reasonable fee for storage, related to on-site custom rates. This does not affect all other rights of Kortpack B.V. in relation to the customer's shortcomings.

D. Orders can only be canceled with the agreement of Kortpack B.V., which Kortpack B.V. may impose conditions on.

6. Tolerances

With regard to the agreed specifications, the following deviations, both up and down, are permissible. For assessment, the average of the total quantum delivered in one (1) type, quality, color and execution will be used as a measure.

A. With regard to the color, slightly different from color printing are no reasons for disapproval.

B. Regarding the amount that Kortpack B.V. is deemed to have been

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